Live Webinar // Digital Promotional Campaign

RealMatch, a recruitment advertising technology start-up, was doing a live webinar with Sharlyn Lauby, author of, so we put together a huge promotional campaign. With a powerful royal blue as the primary color, bold text, attractive CTA's and imagery that fit the topic, this series really stood out amongst other ads and cut through the noise of social media timelines. We ran some fun promo on all of RealMatch's social media accounts (Facebook, Twitter, IG, Linkedin), a full ad campaign + an article on the blog, and an email campaign. The combination of the well-known HR Industry guest speaker plus the incentive (earning 1 HRCI credit for free) resulted in many registrants/attendees, lots of traffic to the blog, and a ton of social media action. Overall, it was one of the most successful, organized and smoothly executed live webinars to date for RealMatch.